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“As Tony, Jim Schubin is particularly impressive, performing a stirring rendition of “Maria” that your ears will simply adore.” -Palm Beach Illustrated

"The judges stated that Schubin "embodied the competition’s motto of 'Singing the Story.' He gave a riveting performance, showed engaging presence and effortless communication, and yet still seemed as if he was inventing it all on the spot." -Kurt Weill Foundation

Jim - 82Final.JPG

"Jim Schubin as Jack Kelly lends his strong profile and his soaring tenor voice to the confident, yet conflicted, leader of the gang. His performance of "Santa Fe" to close the first act is raw and brilliant and worth the price of admission alone." -BWW

"Jim Schubin, an apple-cheeked pro at twenty-four...hits the stage with a calculated winsomeness" -Opera News

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